Scorpions – Youre Lovin Me To Death chords

You're lovin me to death

I don't know what the second chord is, so I named it "A5+"

A5 A5+ e|----------|----------|B|----------|----------|G|----------|----------|D|----------|----------|A|-7-7--7-7-|-8-8--8-8-|E|-5-5--5-5-|-5-5--5-5-|
A5 A5+
A5 A5+It's your move
A5 A5+I'm in pain
F#5I'm a pawn
D5In your game
A5 A5+It's your life
A5 A5+ F#5I just happen to be in it for a while
C5 F5 A5Oh, you're lovin' me to death
G5 F5You're killin' me with kindness
C5 F5 G5What's behind this sudden tenderness
A5You're lovin' me to death
F5And leavin' me to die
C5You make me wanna scream
G5But my tongue is tied
A5You played me like a toy
F5You made my life a mess
C5Everybody knows
-- mute -- You're lovin' me to death INTERLUDE: A5, F5, C5, G5 A5, F5, C5, D5
A5 A5+When you touch
A5 A5+Can you feel
F#5Is your heart
D5Only made of steel
A5 A5+When you cry
A5 A5+Do you ever let emotions
F#5Break your stride
C5 F5 A5Oh, you take away my breath
G5 F5Your unexpected hunger
C5Makes me wonder
F5 G5What the hell comes next
(REPEAT CHORUS) (SOLO) (REPEAT CHORUS x2) submitted by TaTooKa
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