Scorpions - Well Burn The Sky tab

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| This tablature is only my interpretation of this song.  It is      |
| certainly not perfect, and I have added a bit of my own flare      |
| to the song.  But this should give you the basic idea of the       |
| song.  You may only use this file for private study, scholarship,  |
| or research.                                                       |

"We'll Burn The Sky (Live)" from the Scorpions album Tokyo Tapes
Transcription by Chad Armstrong
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RHYTHM 1 e:-------4-----------7----------------------------|b:----4-----4-----7-----7--------5-----------6----|g:-1----------/4--------------4-----4-----6-----6-|d:-------------------------2----------/4----------|a:------------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------|
Repeat RHYTHM 1 10 times for the intro. Then repeat RHYTHM 1 about 9 or 10 more times, and then add:
FILL 1 e:-------4-----------7---------------------|b:----4-----4-----7-----7--------5-----6---|g:-1----------/4--------------4-----4--6---|d:-------------------------2----------/4---|a:-----------------------------------------|E:-----------------------------------------|
RHYTHM 2 e:--------------------------------------------|b:--------------------------------------------|g:--------------------------------------------|d:-6--x-6-6--x-6--x/7-6--6-6-4----4-4-x-x-4-4-|a:-6--x-6-6--x-6--x/7-6--6-6-4----4-4-x-x-4-4-|E:-4--x-4-4--x-4--x/5-4--4-4-2----2-2-x-x-2-2-|
Play RHYTHM 2 a total of three times and then play:
RHYTHM 3e:-----------------------|b:-----------------------|g:-----------------------|d:-6--7-6-x6--7-6--6-6-4-|a:-6--7-6-x6--7-6--6-6-4-|E:-4--5-4-x4--5-4--4-4-2-|
Repeat RHYTHM 2 3 or 4 times during the chorus. Tabbed by Chad Armstrong.
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