Scorpions - Mysterious tab


This is simply my interpretation of the song, if i've made any mistakes 
please email me at

ELECTRIC GUITAR (standard tuning)

intro  B5-B5-B5-B5-A-B5

then   B5-B5    D5-D5    B5-B5    E5-E5 ....(repeating)


D5     G?        D5        G?        D5         G?      E5
  This moment in time, i'm losing my mind, this lady is quite

  Mysterious.... B5-B5    D5-D5    B5-B5    E5-E5....

During the lead, Rudy comes in later behind playing   B5-B5....B5-B5..
The song is straightforward, playing along with it 2 or 3 times and it 
becomes very easy.


I really don't have a clue, but on the guitar you can play a B-A-B note 
pattern every once in a while to follow along. Looks like this:

ACOUSTIC GUITAR You can play the same major chords as mentioned earlier. For the intro and chorus B-B D-D B-B E-E And for the bridge D G D G D G E But for those of us with deeper voices (and who can't sing, like me) you can play the song lower (scale?) with intro and chorus Am-Am C-C Am-Am D-D bridge C F C F C F D CHORD CONFIGURATIONS i am new to the guitar, so as far as i understand the chords, this is how i play it on the my strat.
B5 A D5 E5 G? (this is a type of Gmaj i think)--x-- --x-- --x-- --x-- --x----x-- --x-- --x-- --x-- --7--
--4-- --2-- --7-- --9-- --7-- x - don't strike--4-- --2-- --7-- --9-- --5----2-- --0-- --5-- --7-- --x-- these are power chords therefore--x-- --x-- --x-- --x-- --x-- only downstroke
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