Scott Haslem - Keep Falling In Love tab

Keep Falling In Love
Scott Haslem

Key: A
Verse 1:
A             C#m7
I am found in Your embrace
A               C#m7 D
Covered by Your love
A                 C#m7
You're my deepest dreams I know
          D                    E
Your long so strong Spirit come

Verse 2:
Lift me up to heaven's door
You restore my soul
I can't live without Your touch
I need You so much I need You more

F#m7               Bm7
You're my rock and my Redeemer
F#m7                  G  Esus
The rock on which I stand
Yeh, Yeh

       A             C#m7           D
I keep falling in love with You Lord
       A            C#m7
Every beat of my heart
  D             Esus E
Breath that I take
            F#m7               G
Through the seasons that change
F#m7             D Bm7                        Esus
Your love remains  my hiding place and my home
E              A  C#m7 A C#m7 D  (2nd time: E/G#)
Falling in love (repeat)
Bm7                     E  A  E/G#
Falling in love with You
Bm7                     E  A
Falling in love with You
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