Scott Miller - Dear Sarah tab

“Dear Sarah”
by Scott Miller 
 and the Commonwealth

Key A (Capo 2)
4/4 (very fast)


1, 2, 3, (wait 1 beat)

G Ge|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-----0---2---|A|---2---3---3-|E|-3-----------| G
Verse 1: G C G Dear Sarah I’m stuck on a train bound for Richmond. D We marched down from Gurnstown uphill all the way. G C G At the train stop in Stanton, we pulled up and climbed on D G Then we just sat there for a night and a day. Chorus: G D G And the nights are long, but I write you ev’ry day. D G And I hum a song that you used to sing. C G The one of sweet William his love, Barbara Allen D G And how she was always a long ways away. G Verse 2: G C G My insides are all torn from hard tack and parch corn. D My hat flew in a windstorm so the sun has turned me red. G C G The first chance to lie still I pull out your Bible D G But fall fast asleep before one verse is read. (Repeat Chorus) Verse 3: G C G Dear Sarah in parting keep me in your heart. D I do not drink or gamble ‘cause I promised you I’d do. G C G So as not to mislead you I did have a need to D G When we were surrounded and looked like we were through. (Repeat Chorus) Tag: G C G The one of sweet William, his love Barbara Allen D G And how she was always a long ways away. Ending: G D G D G In Scarlet Town, I did dwell. There was a fair maid a-dwellin’. D G D G Many men cried, well, for the love Barbara Allen. G Outro:
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