Scott Miller - I Made A Mess Of This Town tab

Scott Miller
I Made a Mess Of This Town
tabbed by infinitelazerdog
Standard Tuning

Really easy and fun song to play.  Some of it is picked, but when played live Scott 
only picks at the very beginning.

Picked part: (Listen for rhythm)e|----------------------------|B|-----------3--------3-----0-|G|-----0-----0--0-----0-------|D|-------0--------2/3---3-----|A|---2-----3--------------3---|E|-3--------------------------|
Chords: G Cadd9 F Cadd9 I made a mess of this town G Cadd9 F Cadd9 Now every sidewalk crack G Cadd9 Either knocks me down G Cadd9 F Cadd9 Or breaks somebody's back And every face I see As I look around Says it's time to leave You made a mess of this town ((Strumming changes here for brief instrumental)) G Cadd9 F Cadd9 With a spring in my step and a song on my lips G Cadd9 F Cadd9 I came and found out how big this town really is G Cadd9 F Cadd9 Confusing lovers and confusing friends G Cadd9 F Cadd9 Been making the same mistakes again and again Asus Bm C Dsus 'Til all the guys at the bar Asus Bm C Dsus They stay where they are Asus Bm All the girls on the block Asus Bm C Dsus Well you know how girls talk All the lights on the street Incandescent and mean Cause the word got around You made a mess of this town (( The song continues on from there and I'm not going to list all the lyrics, but you be able to follow the rest of the song by listening and looking at the previous chord progressions))
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