Scott Walker - Boy Child tab

Boy Child by Scott Walker
From the album Scott 4
Tabbed by Lee (

Hello, this is a fairly loose attempt at tabbing Scott Walker's 'Boy Child'
for guitar, ideally some spacey sound that would carry fairly minimal chord
parts and those lovely melodies. There are some recommended chord voicings at
the bottom of the page - they're meant to be minimal and kind of in line with
the strings. Hope this is useful to somebody... Lee x


C* G* Bm E6sus4 C BbE||----0---(7)---7----12----8-----6----||B||----1----8----7----10----8-----6----||G||----0----7----7----9-----9-----7----||D||----2----9----9----11----10----8----||A||----3----10---9----------10----8----||E||----3---------7----0-----8-----6----||
C* G* C* G*E||------------------------9-10~--12-10~-----------------------------||B||---------7-8~--8-10~-12---------------13-12~-10~-10---------------||G||--5-7~-9--------------------------------------------12~-11-9~-5~--||D||------------------------------------------------------------------||A||------------------------------------------------------------------||E||------------------------------------------------------------------||
C* You'll lose your way G* A boy child rides upon your back C* Take him away G* Through mirrors dark and blessed with cracks Bm E6sus4* Through forgotten courtyards C Bb Where you used to search for youth C* Old gets a new life G* Reach out you can touch it's true C* He's not a shadow of shadows G* Like you, you see C* Hearts hold on holding G* If you stay one, you'll stay free Bm E6sus4* Go seek the lady C Bb Who will give, not take away C* Naked with stillness G* On the edge of dawn she stays C* Night starts to empty G* That's when her song begins C* She'll make you happy G* She'll take you deep within her Bm E6sus4* Window lights for wanderers C Bb Hide hard in your swollen eyes C* Echoes of laughter G* Hide in the cities thighs C* Love catch these fragments G* Swirling through the winds of night C* What can it cost G* To give a boy child back his sight Bm E6sus4* Extensions through dimensions C Bb Leave you feeling cold and lame C* Boy child mustn't tremble G* 'cos he came without a name Possible Verse chord phrasings:
C* G* C* G*E||--(0)----------------------|--8~--12~---------||B||--(1)--------7--8~----8~---|--8~--8~---8~-----||G||---5~--7~--9----------7~---|--9~--9~---7~-----||D||--(2)-----------------9~---|-----------9~-----||A||--(3)----------------------|------------------||E||--(3)----------------------|------------------||
C* G* C* G*E||--8~--(7)---|--8~--------||B||--8~---8~---|--8~---8~---||G||--9~---7~---|--9~---7~---||D||-------9~---|-------9~---||A||------------|------------||E||------------|------------||
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