Scouting For Girls - Posh Girls chords

Scouting For Girls - Posh Girls

This is most definately not acurate.
Some other guitar person get on the case and
post a correct version please! (Chords labled
for ease of tab not for acuracy again.. cba to
looking up what their names would be)

Corrections to if u
dont hate me for doing this one so badly

Chords used:

G Ag Cg Dg G5 A5 C5 D5-3---3---3---3-------------------|-3---2---1---3-------------------|-0---2---0---2--------2---5---7--|-0---2---2---0----5---2---5---7--|-2---0---3--------5---0---3---5--|-3----------------3--------------|
Verse: (No distortion)
G, Ag, Cg, Dg(repeat untill bridge)
G, Dg(Repeat untill chourous)
Chourous: (Distortion) (8 per bar) G5G5G5G5G5G5G5G5 A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5 C5C5C5C5C5C5C5C5 D5 C5 D5 D5//
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