Scouting For Girls – Famous chords ver. 2

First chords so dont dis i got this from music notes my fav website so tell me what u think.

intro -G G G D D D D D A A A D D D D D G G G D/F# D/F# D/F# D/F# D/F# A A A  Bm Bm Bm Bm Bm
G D/F# A Bm7 G D/F# staying in again on a saturday night im goung to settle on the sofa and
A Bm7 G D/F# A Bm7turn down the lights i goit ninehudred channels but theres nothing to see
G D/F# A Bm7no wonder everybody wants to be on T.V
This is the same for the second verse. ENJOY!
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