Screamin Stukas - Hellbound Train chords


 intro: Dm,C,Bb,A7

DmOutta cigarettes I walk the longest mile
CLucifer risin' in the morning sky
BbIt's cold outside
A7I'm trying to straighten up my head
Oh baby baby
DmNow don't you think I don't know where I'm going
CI'm headed south of the promised land
BbI'm pretty sure
A7This life o'mine will leave me dead
Oh baby babe
FI been trying
A7But there's just no denying
FI been praying
A7But here I go once again
Dm,CO Lord
Bb A7 Dm,C Since I got on board
Bb A7 Dm C Your grace has been in vain
Bb A7 I took a hellbound train
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