Screaming Jets – Higher With You tab

Screaming Jets
Higher with you
from the album Scam

spaces mean hold the note/chord

the first part is just scraping the chord G# 5ththen...the introG|---------------------------6-6---------9--|D|6-6----------9-9-----------6-6-----4-6-9-9|A|6-6------4-6-9-7-------6-8-4-4-4-6-----7-9|E|4-4--4-7-----7-7--7-10-------------------7|
B|9--9--9-9---8 |G|9--9--9-9---9 |D|9--9--9-9---9 |A|7--7--7-7---7 |E|0-----------------------|the verses are the same chord structure as the intro
|G#5th B5th C#5th high E5th B5th| play this on the C#5th
use the G#5th pentatonic scale to play the little riffs over the rhythm guitar in the second verse I don't know the interlude butit is probablyjust parts of the same chords on the rest of the song. by Matt Gault the G# pentatonic:
then the chorus goes like this
e|-------| |-------| |7-7-7-7| |7--7--7-7--7 |B|-------| |-------| |7-7-7-7| |9--9--9-9--8 |G|-------| |8-8-8-8| |8-8-8-8| |9--9--9-9--9 |D|9-9-9-9|x2 |9-9-9-9|x2 |9-9-9-9|x2 |9--9--9-9--9 |A|9-9-9-9| |9-9-9-9| |9-9-9-9| |7--7--7-7--7 |E|7-7-7-7| |7-7-7-7| |7-7-7-7| |-----------------------|
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