Screaming Lord Sutch - The Train Kept A Rollin tab

A really cool song with Ritchie Blackmore on guitar.

Intro:E---------------|B------------5--|G------------7--| Gradually build on that last chord, E7.D-7-7-5------6--|A-------7-7--7--|E---------------|
The rest of the song is just a 12-bar blues in A. A | | | | D | |A | | E |D |A |E | Except for the part when it goes: "Made a stop, Alka-turkey..." A | | | | A* | | | | D | |A | | E |D |A |E |
On the A* you do this riff: G G# AE-3-3-4-5--|B-3-3-4-5--|G-4-4-5-6--|D-5-5-6-7--|A-5-5-6-7--|E-3-3-4-5--|
Guitarsolo:E-11b(1/4)-8----8----| |-11b(1/4)-10-8-10b(1/4)-8--------------|B------------10---10-| X3 |---------------------------------------|G--------------------| |---------------------------7b-5---5----|D--------------------| |--------------------------------7---7--|A--------------------| |---------------------------------------|E--------------------| |---------------------------------------|
Ok, that's it. Listen to the song to get the rhytm.
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