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From: (Lance Newhart)

Transcription by:
Lance Newhart, (

Disclaimer:  Like all my favorite Seattle bands (and many more
from around the globe), this singer can be darned unintelligible,
so if I got some of the words wrong I'll apologize in advance (if
I did get them right, this song's got some pretty weird lyrics).
If anyone has any corrections to the words (or the music for that
matter), please e-mail me and I'll make the corrections and re-
submit the song to the archive.  Thanks in advance for any help.

Good playing,
Lance Newhart; Austin, TX

WINTER SONG, The Screaming Trees

A             E
Jesus knockin' on my door
D                              A
late last night and early this morning
A             E
window glass, rusted and weary,
  D                                  A
I went straight thru, didn't hear no warning

A                  G                   D
Just a roll of the dice and a precious fight

Bring you around, its easier
A                   G                           D
When I'm wastin' my time and when I'm losin' my mind,
G  D  E
oh my mind

D                       A
Try to wait for the sky to fall
     D               A
It's gone now see it all
D            A              E              A
Whisper some winter in your heart, yea yea yeah

A  D  (repeat 4x)

A                E
Dead end street, just out my back door
  D                            A
I heard once seen a young girl laughin'
    A                E
Now rain drops fall, away like souls
  D                             A
I wonder if she ever heard mine dyin'


A              E           D                        A
Jesus knockin' on my door, one last time early this mornin'.
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