Screeching Weasel – Fred Is Dead tab

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Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 04:55:43 -0400
Subject: tab:fred is dead by screeching weasel

fred is dead!
by screeching weasel
from the 1986 demo
tabbed by sean mcdermott (


G(really fast)

fred--------------   is .

then do the following

the whole song is just this riff, with some variations...

JUST DO THAT OVER AND OVER.(do riff once for each line) lyrics..- i was sitting at home on day, see fred and my microwave fred was a gerbil, just the same i was feeling quite insane! chorus! (move to high e and b strings!) (riff twice) freddie met the microwave!! (riff once more) (back to g and d) push 10 seconds, put on high kiss my gerbil fred good bye! see ol' freddie run and run went KABOOM just like a gun! chorus once more, same as first time verse III went to gt a brillo pad fred is dead, aw aint it sad. i didnt do, man i wish lets see whos next- its spot my fish! chorus! (solo- just do riff a couple of octaves higher and go crazy! :) ) fade............. that is all. email me if you wanna talk about stuff that dosent suck, or if you have any s.w. or clash or queers or pol tabs! cheerio!
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