Screeching Weasel - What We Hate tab

Chords used:e|------------------|B|---------D-----F--|G|--C---G--7--F--10-|D|--10--5--7--3--10-|A|--10--5--5--3--8--|E|--8---3-----1-----|
Intro: C G D F
First Lead Part: (play this until the next part)e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-10-10-12-10-10-12-|D|-------------------|A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
Second Lead Part:e|-----------------|B|-8-8-88888-7-5---|G|---------------5-|D|-----------------|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
Verse: C G D F Chorus: C G D F x3 and then C G D F <-(the one on the A string) "Do you believe part": C G F
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