Screeching Weasel - Compact Disc tab

"Compact Disc"
performed by Screeching Weasel
written by Ben Weasel, published by Weasels, Inc. (ASCAP)
(C) 1998 Ben Foster
(P) 1998 Panic Button
from Panic Button release Major Label Debut
transcribed by Mike Ripplinger (

 * All E chords = X 7 9 9 X X
 * All F# chords = X 8 10 10 X X
 * (pm) = palm-muted

["Compact Disc"]

      That thing you're listening to is called a compact disc
                    D(pm)                                A(pm)
It's a method of conveying sound, it's square outside, inside it's round
      That thing you're listening to is a digitally accurate
               D(pm)                          A(pm)
Reading of the numbers that make up different sounds in fact
   It's the most technologically advanced
      F#           D
Sound reproduction known to man
   A                                E (w/ slides up from D#)
At least in the commercially viable sense
      That thing you're listening to is called a compact disc
                    D(pm)                   A(pm)
Every subtle nuance of a tune is made available to you
      That thing you're listening to is a high-tech dream come true
                          D(pm)                                   A(pm)
Technically it works with laser beams yet you can learn to use it easily
E                                            F#
  Throw your scratched, dusty records in the trash
             D               A
It's time to move out of the past
                       E (w/ slides up from D#)
In the profit analysis sense


   That thing you're listening to is called a waste of time
                D                             A
An inferior and overpriced product of an underactive mind
   That thing you're listening to is a multi-flawed industry scam
Devoid of any thought or heart at all
It's the antithesis of rock and roll
  But no one cares that a record sounds better
          F#                        D                      A
Cause you just can't buy them so it just doesn't matter at all
                  E (w/ slides up from D#)
And that's common sense

[ End on A ]

[Solo w/ rhythm guitar chords] A D AE-------------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------------------G-------------------------------------------------D-------------------------------------------7-----A-----7-7----5-4-5-4--------4-5-4---4-5-4-5---7---E--5-----------------5-5----------5---------------
D AE-------------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------------------G-------------------------------------------------D-------------------------------------------7-----A-----7-7----5-4-5-4--------4-5-4---4-5-4-5---7---E--5-----------------5-5----------5---------------
D A D AE------------------------------------------------B------------------------------------------------G------------------------------------------------D------------------------------------------------A--5-4-----7-5-4-5-4---------5-4-----7-5-4-5-4---E------7-5-----------------------7-5-------------
D EE----------------------B----------------------G----------------------D----------------------A--5-4-----------4-7---E------7-5-2-5-7-------
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