Scum Of The Earth - Get Your Dead On tab

Im Not too Sure about this  but its gona have 2 do cause no one else has tabbed it

I think the start is wrong but fuck it
e---------------------------------*-*--|A---------------------------------*-*--|G---------------------------------*-*--|D3/5-3/5-3/5-5--9-9-3/5-3/5-3/5-5-1-1--|a5/7-5/7-5/7-7--7-7-5/7-5/7-5/7-7-3-3--| Play twiceE5/7-5/7-5/7-7--7-7-5/7-5/7-5/7-7-3-3--| * */-Slide Up-Slide Down*-Palm Mute
Sorry i havent worked out the rest This works when I Play it and If it Dont work quit bitching and work it out your Self ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!
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