Seabear - Singing Arc tab

			     SINGING ARC - Seabear
Tabbed by: Scotty

Tuning: standard

Seabear is an Icelandic alternative rock band comprise of three members with first names
can't pronounce. These are the names provided on their MySpace page: sindri, örn ingi,
Their music is described as Folksy experimental lo-fi, a bit related musicly to Mugison. 
melodic and introverted. Aside from that, it is difficult to find much information
them. However...
    -You can buy their 4 song ep, Singing Arc at
    -You can listen to them on at

This is a really pretty song and I have listened to it a lot since I found
these guys on MySpace a while ago.

It's fairly easy as well.

The entire song is one guitar riff.

e|-4----4----6----6----------------------------------------------------------------|B|-6----4----6----6----------------------------------------------------------------|G|-6----5----6----6----------------------------------------------------------------|D|-6----6----8----8----------------------------------------------------------------|A|-4----6----8----8----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-x----0----6----6----------------------------------------------------------------| C# G# A#m A#m
After the lyrics are over, there is a second part over the guitar riff during the outro. It's played on the melodica but I have tabbed it for guitar.
This is played three times and the last time, let the last note ring.
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