Seals And Crofts – The Boy Down The Road tab

On the album, they're tuned about a quarter step down. Unless my record player 
speed is a little slow. 
A          Am      G     G/F#   Em   
Long long ago in a house up the road

        Am        Bm    Em 
Lived a maiden so beautiful.

A         Am      G          G/F#     Em                    
Day after day she looked the same old way

       Am        Bm              Em 
As the sun shone off her hair of gold.

A               Am           G   G/F#    Em   
Someday I would go there and ask for her hand

        Am      Bm         Em 
Just as soon as I become a man.

A           Am          G  G/F#   Em   
In the afternoon she'd sit in the shade

     Am        Bm                   Em 
And wave as I watched from down the road.

A          Am     G         G/F#    Em   
Time after time I wished my head to lay

       Am          Bm             Em 
In her arms and at last she would know.

A        Am    G        G/F#    Em   
Then one day a stranger came to call

     Am           Bm                Em 
And took her far away from down the road.

A                  Am             G    G/F#   Em   
I watched 'til the dusk from the fields down below,

       Am           Bm             Em 
But in vain for the night began to fall.

A             Am           G       G/F#   Em   
Then came the message that summoned me to town,

       Am         Bm          Em 
And my knees gave way to the ground.

    A        Am    G        G/F#    Em   
Spoken: They say that this message came with her dying breath,

     Am         Bm          Em 
The very last words she ever spoke:

 A       Am          G   G/F#     Em   
"Give my love to the boy down the road,

    Am              Bm    
And tell him not to cry, for I know."
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