Sean Hayes - Flowering Spade chords

This guy is the most underrated guy I've ever seen/heard.

This song sounds best tuned a whole step down (like the album).
Sounds good a half step down.
In standard it may be a bit high for us baritones to sing along.


G G/Ee|---3--|-3---|A|---0--|-0---|G|---0--|-0---|D|---0--|-0---|A|---2--|-2---|E|---3--|-0---|
G(three barrs) G/E G G/E
G C/G em C/G em He has a flowering spade growing out of his chest
D D7full of magic and healing,
G C/G em C/G emShe is a flowering spade and she moves and she sways
D D7you can see that she feels it.
--For the next section play very percussively It looks something like this--
C G A bme|----x--x-x-x-|--5--x-x-x--|-----x-x-x--|-7-x-7-7-|B|----5--x-x-x-|--5--x-x-x--|--7--x-x-x--|-7-x-7-7-|G|----5--x-x-x-|--5--x-x-x--|--7--x-x-x--|-7-x-7-7-|D|-------x-x-x-|------------|------------|---------|A|--3----------|------------|------------|---------|E|-------------|3-----------|5-----------|---------|
Play the bm* like this
C G A bm She's off to dance with the goat boys,
C G bm* D7He's off to sail through your wide open ocean.
C G A bmShe learned to sing from a siren,
C G A bm*He learned to swim from a drop in the water.
G C/G em C/G emThere are words, there are signs, close your eyes, there is magic
D D7inside you.
F A# Dm A# Dm Hear this box in your mind, building frames for to trace your
C G A bmShe learned to cook from a sailor,
C G bm* D7He learned to cry in an elephant circus.
C G A bmShe found a recipe for flying,
C G bm* D7 He's growing flowers to understand dying.
G G/ERe-Joyce...
Then if you want to for the Humming section you can do it over the verse G G/E C/F em C/F em D D7 And the oop ba badada stuff you can do to percussive progression C G A bm Hope you like it... Cheers!
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