Sean Hayes – Powerful Stuff tab

Powerful stuff- Sean Hayes

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I usually only play the bass note followed by the second and third strings
instead of the whole chord.

3 chords are used: 

E F#minor G#minor|-0--------2----------4------||-0--------2----------4------||-1--------2----------4------||-2--------4----------6------||-2--------4----------6------||-0--------2----------4------|
p= pull off
E Oh yes this is powerful stuff F#minor Got me circling like the moon round the sun G#minor Acting crazy like a fool on a drunk F#minor E Hmm Hear me this is powerful stuff No way for you to give this up It is in your body F#minor It is all in your blood Tear you down G#minor Lift you up F#minor E And Keep you turning like it's never enough All right then let us turn it up F#minor Everyday do like a flower does G#minor Sun rises and she opens up F#minor E Sun rises and she sings Aww Hit me E This is powerful F#minor Powerful G#minor Powerful (Repeat) (intro x2) Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? When a thing is so strong You can' t give it up Won't give it up Got you Turning Yearning Burning Can't give it up Won't give up Even when your Turning Yearning Burning Can't give it up Won't give it up Powerful stuff
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