Sean Hayes - Diamond In The Sun chords

Diamond in the Sun-Sean Hayes
Tune One-and- half steps down-  C#  F#  B  E  G#  C#
Chord Shapes relative to 1st position in standard tuning

C G Em AmDrink up, drink up Go on empty your cup
G C GIt'll be filled again
C G Em AmPut it down, come down Feet on the ground
G C GWhere you're at's where you stand
C G Em AmOh it is true, I am blue Lay off of my shoes
G C GWhatever you do
C G Em AmPop art, pop tart Here I am in the bars
G C GAgain and again
Be me, no me City she screams Choose me, no me Old shoes, I got the blues I got no money for to choose but they say that I am free I'm free to sell all I am Move where I can and be as I happy as I can be If I were a diamond in the sun I would shine onto everyone To be free Here I am, here I am Again and again Free
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