Sean Na Na – Princess And The Pony chords

Left handed

G CI couldn't sleep so I took a pill
D Emwith a dirty glass of water from a low pressure hell
G CSomeone buy a round before my liver fails
D Em and you know it will
CHow many of you will be (Ba-Ba-Ba-Da-Ba)
Dleft to make a scene
G (timing is weird feeling) C at my funeral party
C DSet my soul at ease by spinning wire
Gas I lay on my side
C cause it's the earth which I have known since birth
EmSo clap your hands if you wanna be
B Cthe little princess who finally gets the pony
Dor the one that steals the life from me
Em BWith that long sleeve thrift you found in Grand Forks
C Dto cover up your track marks
Em BCuz when you finally come down
Cthe pony you've been riding around town
Dturns out to be a man
Em B C DAnd then overheated crimping iron burns your hands again
CHow many of you be will be
Dleft to drink whiskey
G C at my funeral party
C DRemember to bring your flask
Gand pour a shot for
Cyour dead homie
Em B C DShake your ass around my casket
Em B C DShake your ass around my casket
Em BShake your ass around my casket
C Dand bring your beach blankets
Em BVolley balls, wine coolers
C D (End with one strum) Spin your favorite records.
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