Sean Riley And The Slowriders - This Woman chords

Artist: Sean Riley And The Slowriders
Title: This Woman
Album: Only Time Will Tell
Year: 2009

Dm GThis woman is crazy
CComes around now and then
AmAnd shouts some words at me.
Dm GI can't remember where we met
CUp north near the border
AmOr down south by the sea.
Dm GShe's wrong most of the times
CBut it's times when she's right
Am AmShe really gets to me.
C GSo I pray
Am Not to see her again
F Everytime she comes around
G C G But I know it's not gonna be easy
Am (Not to see her again)
F G(Everytime she comes around)
F G I don't know where she is
F G I don't know where she is now.
F G She always finds a way to find me
F I can't run away, there's no way out
G No way I'm gonna stay, another day.
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