Sean Sullivan – Exhale tab

			     Exhale - Sean Sullivan

Tabbed by: Senske
Email: n/a

Tuning: standard

The bass line is played as the intro and as a bridge at certain parts in the song, its just:

Am Em G Am Am Em G De---------------------|-----------------------|B---------------------|-----------------------|G---------------------|----------------2x-----|D--0x-0-2x-2-0x-0-0x--|-0x-0-2x-2-0x-0-0x-----|A--0x-0-2x-2-2x-2-0x--|-0x-0-2x-2-2x-2--------|E---------------------|-----------------------|
Just finger the right chords and you'll get it. After the bassline there is the main riff which is:
Am Em G D Am Em G De-----------------2x--|----------------2x-----|B--0x-0-2x-2-0x-0-0x--|-0x-0-2x-2-0x-0-0x-----|G--0x-0-2x-2-2x-2-----|-0x-0-2x-2-2x-2--------|D---------------------|-----------------------|A---------------------|-----------------------|E---------------------|-----------------------|
The main chorus type bit is a bit different but in the same vein:
D7 * D7 *E--2x-2-2x-2-0x-0-0x--|--2x-2-2x-2-0x-0-0x--|B--1x-1-1x-1-3x-3-2x--|--1x-1-1x-1-3x-3-2x--|G--2x-2-2x-2-0x-0-2x--|--2x-2-2x-2-0x-0-2x--|D--0x-0-0x-0-0x-0-2x--|--0x-0-0x-0-0x-0-2x--|A---------------------|---------------------|E---------------------|---------------------|
There, an easy song with alot of feel. *G variation, cbf finding out what its called, but its fingering is 020030 btw, not many ppl have heard of this guy, and he is not to be confused with an American blues musician of the same name. His email is if anyone reads this drop him a line. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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