Search The City – The Rescue tab ver. 2

Sup guys! this is my first tab so ha im Maxwell Paradis and i do some youtube
 vids and i had a request for some tabs for a cover of this song i did.
 Its a little different from the original but very acoustically friendly!  It
 might be a little tough to catch the strumming then too but you can hear it
the way i played it below! enjoy!


e|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------11-11-----------11-11---14---14-14-14-14---11-------------| ALLD|-14-14---14-14---14-14---14-14---------------------------14---12---| X2A|-12-12---12-12---12-12---12-12---12---12-12-12-12---12---12---12---|E|-10-10---10-10---10-10---10-10---10---10-10-10-10---10---10---10---|
2nd time strum these two chords once a piece after 1 2 e B G D 12 9 A 10 10 E 8 8 FUNKY CHORDS OR SOMETHING G* F#* E* C* D* B* E2* F#2* G2* e|----------------------------------------------------------------
B|G|D| 12 11 9 4 4 4 4 4D| 12 12 9 5 5 5 5 7 5A| 10 9 7 3 5 2 7 5 xE|--x------x------------------------------------------- 2------- 3
verse 1 G* F#* E* Im sorry for the temper i let get away from me C* I said a lot of things i didnt really mean... ---repeat progression for verses--- Pre chorus B* C* D* C* and now im payin for all the mistakes that youve made
e|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--------------------| Play this right off the C* just shift up ur secondD|-4h5-5-5-4h5-5-5-4--| and 3rd finger one string to 5 and 4 and hammer toA|-5---5-5-5---5-5-5--| the 5 over 5. shift right back for the chorusE|--------------------|
Chorus B* C* D* This is the rescue, the rescue E2* D* B* C* the reason ive been holding my breath every night G2* F#2* this is where we colide B* C* D* this is the rescue, the rescue E2* D* B* C* the reason ive been holding my breath every night G2* F#2* this is where we colide INTRO AGAIN VERSE 2 PRECHORUS AND CHORUS BRIDGE E2* Youll soon become c* just a voice on the other end of the phone D* when i, (when i)*** go go gooo E2* Wearing my heart on my sleeve C* has become D* just a touch too messy for my CHORUS END WITH INTRO AND FADE OUT OR SOMETHING!! LISTEN TO IT PLAYED IF YOU NEED HELP! LINK IS BELOW!
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