Searchers – Have You Ever Loved tab

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                     "Have You Ever Loved Somebody"
                        (Clarke / Hicks / Nash)


	(fuzz guitar doubled with clean 12-string octave higher:)

B A G F# v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v -----------------|---------|-----------------|-----------------| -----------------|---------|-----------------|-----------------| -----------------|---------|-----------------|-----------------| -----------------|---------|-----------------|-----------------| -2-------1-2-----|-0-------|-----------------|---------2---4---| -----------------|---------|-3-------5-3-----|-2---------------|
Verse 1: B E You say that you want me and now that you've got me you're gone F# So think what you're doin' or else you'll regret what you've done B E Don't come back tomorrow and say what we did wasn't right F# You'll cry on your pillow and find it hard to sleep at night Chorus: B E A Have you ever loved somebody B E A Don't you know just what it's like D G A Hurting someone that you're close to D G A G F# Have you ever loved all night, all night Verse 2: Remember what happened the last time that you said goodbye Remember the sayin' that once bitten now means twice shy It's no use me cryin' there is no denyin' it's right But thinkin' has ruined the feeling that we had to fight [repeat chorus] Bridge: B D If you hear people talkin' now G F# Will you laugh or cry? B D If you cry I'll sympathize with you G F# If you laugh I'll die G F# If you laugh I'll die [repeat chorus 3X; end cold] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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