Seasick Steve - Never Go West tab

Artist : Seasick Steve
Song : Never Go West
Album : Man From Another Time

This guy is absoloutly awesome, and I worked out a guitar part for this song whilst 
one of his live performances. I'm sure its not perfect, but its the best I could do. Please 
you have any improvements, I shall welcome them.

Seasick himself plays it with a slide, but if you don't have one it still sounds OK. I'm 
sure on the intro, he definatly slides from 5 to 12, and I think the rest is right. Try 
and see. You might want to play all of thisup a string, but whatever you want.

IntroE --------------------------------------------------------------------------|B ------5/12---------------5/12---------------------------------------------|G ---0--5/12--0--5p0-3p0-0-5/12--0--5p0-3-----------------------------------|D ---0--5/12--0--5p0-3p0-0-5/12--0--5p0-3-----------------------------------|A --------------------------------------------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
The verse is the bit I'm most sure of, it looks like he's playing this, and it sounds like the real thing. But still, I may be wrong.
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------------------------------------|G --------------------------------------------------------------------------|D --------------------------------------------------------------------------|A --0---3--0-0-3-0-3-0----3---0-0-3-0-3-------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------------------------------------------| pm........................................................................
Now time for the chorus. This is the bit I'm least sure of, but I lay with this and it to work so I mean here it is.
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------------------------------------|G ---3/5---5-0-3/5---5-0-1/3---3-0------------------------------------------|D ---3/5---5-0-3/5---5-0-1/3---0-0------------------------------------------|A --------------------------------------------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
It does the intro, then the chorus again. Find out where the parts go by listening :). for the terriblness, but it is my first tab, so I hope you enjoy it.
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