Seasick Steve - Prospect Lane tab version 2

i'm not sure about the little notes at the beggining of the song, so i'm just doing the riffs:

riff 1: riff 2:D|-----2s4------------------0--| D|-----2s4---------------0---2---0------|A|---------------0h2p0---------| A|---------------0h2p0------------------|F#|----------------------------| F#|-------------------------------------|D|---------0----------------0--| D|---------0-------------0---2---0------|A|---------------------0-2-----| A|--------------------------------------|D|-----0-------0--------------0| D|-----0-------0------------------------|
riff 3: D|-----7-7----x-5-5s0--2s4-0h2p0---|A|-----7-7----x-5-5s0--------------|F#|----7-7----x-5-5s0--------------|D|-----7-7----x-5-5s0------0-------|A|-----7-7----x-5-5s0--------------|D|-----7-7----x-5-5s0--0-----------|
riff 4: D|----10s12-------9--------7--------0----|A|---------------------------------------|F#|--------------------------------------|D|---------0--------0--------0--------0--|A|---------------------------------------|D|----0-----------0--------0--------0----|
Order: r1, r2, r1, r3 x3 r4, r1, r1, r2 x1 r1, r2, r1, r3 x1 (slide part, just on the low d string between frets 1&3) r4, r1, r2, r3 x1 r1, r2, r1, r3 x1 NO GUITAR - just singing. r3 x1 r1, r2, r1 r3 x1 great song, looks more complicated written down then playing :)
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