Seasick Steve - Whiskey Ballad tab

I got a request for this song's chords so I made an attempt at it and here are what I 
think are the intro, chords and licks are for "Whiskey Ballad" by Seasick Steve.


"Ahhhhhhh" Verse E To all those people living in their flats not so pristine A Who look up from the alleyways at skys that weve all seen E B Well some I know they see it from a different point of view B E The red doors painted black the sky is grey not baby blue, so Chorus A E Lighten up, have a cup of my happy golden drink B E Itll taste strong to begin with, youll get used to it I think A Itll wash away your sorrows E Soak up your concerns B B B E Only problems when you wake up, not a SINGLE TABLES TURNED, but B A E Its alright its alright its alright At the start of the verse there's a little lick he plays over the E chord, I think it goes like this
Thats all I got, once again all opinions welcome at or send me a message at my Ultimate Guitar profile, Garizard1. "Hoped you Like My Tab"
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