Secondhand Serenade - Its Not Over tab

Tabbed by: upgrade
Hi to all of u this my tab of secondhand serenade,and i like u all to know that i'll
u the tab of that second guitar u hear while playing it in let's start

first i'll show u the first guitar.ok.

1st guitar: Capo on 2nd fret. 1st |------0--------------| stnza|----0--0-------------|
|-11------------------| Repeat it 2x |---------------------| |---------------------| |---------------------|
2nd stnza |--------0-----------------| |-----0----0---------------|
|---6----------------------| Repeat it 2x |--------------------------| |--------------------------| |--------------------------|
3rd stnza |------0-------------------| |----0---0-----------------|
|--8-----------------------| Repeat it 2x |--------------------------| |--------------------------| |--------------------------|
4th stnza |-----0--------------------| |---0---0------------------|
|-4------------------------| Repeat it 2x |--------------------------| |--------------------------| |--------------------------|
Then just do what the other users in ultimate-guitar done in "It's not over" Now it's time to teach you what the 2nd guitar do in the chorus.... 2nd guitar: still with Capo on 2nd fret.
Plz. read my whole description down here so u can know me better how I tabbed this 2nd and the other one down here...friend with I can share u all my secrets how great I in guitar and I wanna know all of u too... Then It's over now.,.,.,,. Now match it up with the song you'll love it over and listen to the song there's an extra plucking joining the chorus...listen sharply....then it ur own ....enjoy!!!! Add me in yahoo messenger: If u wanna here some more from me E-mail me...and by the way guys! I invented "Your in remix version...and take note: Don't watch my uncle playing those remix by secondhand in youtube I invented those...theres really such a copycats in their.... Add me in youtube if u have accounts: my name in their is 639277137- my username if u it... And one more I want u to stay alert for my next cool tabs...i tabbed it...mixing 'Your and "Its Not Over" : it means i used the tabs of "Its not over" just using the 3 try doing the way of "Your call" does .. Its like using the 2nd fret, 4th fret, 6th do only the 3 strings in 4th stnza, 6th stnza, and the 8th stnza...if u wanna use those only..without capo: 2nd fret, 4th fret, 6th fret...and just use the 3 strings like with u know what I mean.right? bye everyone enjoy it even the "Your Call" mixed with "It's not Over" Is equals to "You're Over" Friendster E-mail: Ohhh plz... I'm not a girl bec. of my name But my whole name is : Raven Kim L. Padagas OMG! my name is sooo a girly...just call me raven.. Sorry if i have this mis-behavior for now..bec. I'm so happy today.I've got the number largest money in RESIDENT EVIL 4 i've got 9,999,999 ptas. But i haven't open the P.R.L. laser gun and the hand cannon....who of u who play RESIDENT EVIL 4 can u help me?......
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