Secondhand Serenade – Hear Me Now chords

Secondhand Serenade feat. Juliet Simms - Hear Me Now

Standard Tuning

[Intro] Dm - Bb - F - A    (x2)

Dm BbLeft everything behind me,
F A7 Searching for the strength I thought I had inside me,
Dm BbLeft you behind so lonely,
F A7Praying for the day that you would somehow find me
DmI was young
(You were wrong)
BbBut I tried
F A(I was trying to give that I had lost through all I see)
FHear me now
A7 DmAll I can say is I am not afraid,
Bb (C) FOf the world that I am trying to put you in,
A7I fight everyday,
DmBut I am to blame,
BbI am not innocent,
(C) DmBut I am not afraid
[Interlude] Dm - Bb - F - A7 [Verse 2]
Dm BbI lost all the things inside me,
(Inside me)
F A7Still have found myself with all the will to
DmFree me from you,
I'm asleep,
BbI'm happy,
(I'm happy)
F A7Want to know so much for you to someday see me
DmTell me how,
(I want to)
BbSing it loud,
F A-A-A7-A(I need you to be the one who catches all my dreams)
FHear me now
A7 DmAll I can say is I am not afraid,
Bb (C) FOf the world that I am trying to put you in,
A7I fight everyday,
DmBut I am to blame,
BbI am not innocent,
(C) F A7But I am not afraid anymore,
BbI am not afraid,
DmI'm tired of sleeping,
CAlone I've been grieving,
A A7-A (G - E)The life that I gave up to feel alive,
Bb/F C/E CI want to feel alive..
[Interlude/Solo] F - C - Dm-Bb - F - C
FI'm not afraid,
Dm - BbI'm not afraid,
F CAnymore,
FI'm not afraid,(I want to feel alive)
CAnymore,(I want to feel alive)
Dm BbI'm not afraid,(I want to feel, I need to feel)
F CAnymore,(I want to feel alive)
FI'm not afraid, (Hold on tight)
CAnymore, (Let's make this right)
Dm BbI'm not afraid (Take me, come with me, feel alive tonight)
F C FAnymore...
End on F
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