Secondhand Serenade - Like A Knife Acoustic tab version 2

                   Title : LIKE A KNIFE (acoustic version)
                        Album: A Twist In My Story
                        Band: Secondhand Serenade

Tabbed by: //_+ Y0ur_sYmPaThY //_+ [FRENZ]

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CHORDS: ( for electric guitars )

C#m A E Beb|--0---0---0---0--|Bb|--0---0---0---0--|Gb|--9---9---9---8--|Db|--9---9---9---9--|Ab|--x---0---7---x--|Eb|--9---x---x---7--|
( for acoustic guitars )
E B C#m Aeb|--0---0---0---0--|bb|--0---0---0---0--|Gb|--4---4---4---4--|Db|--2---4---2---2--|Ab|--2---2---4---0--|Eb|--0---0---0---0--|
Intro: (plucking)
[then strumming ] E B C#m A [lead for this part]
Verse: (strumming) C#m I dream a lot, I know you say A I’ve got to get away E The world is not yours for the taking B Is all you ever say C#m I know I’m not the best for you A But promise that you’ll stay E Cause if I watch you go You’ll see me wasting B You’ll see me wasting away Chorus: E ‘Cause today B You walked out of my life C#m ‘Cause today A Your words felt like a knife C#m – A – E - B I’m not living this life C#m Goodbyes are meant for lonely people A Standing in the rain E And no matter where I go B It’s always pouring all the same C#m These streets are filled with memories A Both perfect and in pain E And all I wanna do is love you B But I’m the only one to blame Chorus B But what do I know if you’re leaving All you did was stop the bleeding C#m But these scars will stay forever These scars will stay forever B And these words they have no meaning If we cannot find the feeling A That we held on to together Try your hardest to remember E Stay with me B Or watch me bleed C#m A I need you just to breathe (Chorus) End: ( repeat the intro[plucking] quietly ) then strum E once ... End on E
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