Secret Lives Of The Freemasons - Chug And Leave tab

Band: Secret Lives Of The Freemasons
Song: Chug And Leave
Album: Weekend Warriors

Drop D Tuning

Tabbed by Ryan

I believe this is correct for the most part.
It's generally rhythm guitar; I could hardly hear the lead stuff.
This cd comes out in 11 days, definetly go pick it up when it's in stores.
Extremely good stuff.
Corrections and criticism welcome.


e|--------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------|D|---5-5-555-7-7-777--2-2-22-0-2-2-0-2/4-4----| Play 4 TimesA|---5-5-555-7-7-777--2-2-22-0-2-2-0-2/4-4----|D|---5-5-555-7-7-777--2-2-22-0-2-2-0-2/4-4----|
e|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|----------------------------| Play 4 TimesD|--9-9------7--5-5------7----|A|--9-9------7--5-5------7----|D|--9-9-9999-7--5-5-5555-7----| .... ....
Pre-Chorus (Also somewhere in the chorus' lead, I just can't figure out the rest of it) I'm not 100% about this part.
e|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|G|------11-9-7-11-9-7h9p7-------|D|---7-7--7-7-7--7-7------------|A|------------------------------|D|------------------------------| . . . . . .
There's a pre-verse after the chorus here. It's the same notes as the verse. Pre-Bridge?
e|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------|D|--99-7/99-9-99-7/99-7-55-4/55-5-55-4/55-7---| Play 4 TimesA|--99-7/99-9-99-7/99-7-55-4/55-5-55-4/55-7---|D|--99-7/99-9-99-7/99-7-55-4/55-5-55-4/55-7---|
End With
Order Intro Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Pre-Verse Fill Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Pre-Bridge Bridge Pre-Bridge Chorus Ending I think it's pretty good. Missing the other guitars, but what i've got for rhythm seems right. I'll work on lead if I get a chance. I'm almost done with Airplanes so look for that soon too. Cheers.
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