Secret Machines – Leaves Are Gone tab

Chords used:

A B7 E C#m D Bme-0--2--0--4--5--2--|b-2--4--0--5--7--3--|g-2--2--1--6--7--4--|d-2--4--2--6--7--4--|a-0--2--2--4--5--2--|e-x--x--0--x--x--x--|
*not 100% on the timing for the chord changes but i think this is close* A B7 The leaves are gone E C#m There's ice on the river D Bm E Hold my hand to your heart and breathe A B7 Together, we won't make a sound E C#M As we part for the winter D Of my life Bm 'Til it ends E 'Til this stops, and then? C#M Love? D We'll see Bm E While we're left to grieve the (ahhhhhhhhhhhh-aaaahhhhh) outro follows the same chord progression pattern
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