See Spot Run – Au Naturel Correct tab

F#5 - 244xxx
B5  - 799xxx
D5  - x577xx
A5  - 577xxx
E5  - x799xx
G5  - 355xxx

To play the riffs, bar the bottom 3 strins on the 11 fret.

Riff 1:E|---------------------------------B|-14----14----14-14----12p11------G|----11----11-------11-------11---D|---------------------------------A|---------------------------------E|---------------------------------
Riff 2: E|-----------------------------B|-12----12----12-12----12-----G|----11----11-------11-----11-D|-----------------------------A|-----------------------------E|-----------------------------
Riff 3:E|----------------------------------B|--15----15----15-15----15---------G|-----11----11-------11----11------D|----------------------------------A|----------------------------------E|----------------------------------
Riff 4:E|--7-----7-----7--7-----7-----10--B|-----7-----7--------7-----7------G|---------------------------------D|---------------------------------A|---------------------------------E|---------------------------------
Riff 5:E|--6h7--6h7-9--9--9-6h7--B|------------------------G|------------------------D|------------------------A|------------------------E|------------------------
Intro: Riff 1 x 2 (Riff 1) On the outside, looking in Where you going, where you been (Riff 2) (Riff 3) (Riff 1) Au naturel, I adore you (Riff 1) On a cloud of mystery You're the angel fantasy (Riff 2) (Riff 3) (Riff 1) Au naturel, I adore you B5 D5 A5 E5 Au naturel, you take away the pain, leave me with scars to remember you B5 D5 A5 E5 Au naturel, you never found it hard, and you won't let go of me B5 D5 A5 E5 Au naturel, I yeah Riff 1 x 4 (Riff 1) See the moonlight in your eyes Oh the beauty, there's no disguise (Riff 2) (Riff 3) (Riff 1) Au naturel, I adore you (Riff 4) Au naturel Riff 1 x 2, F#5 played once over riff Chorus Interlude: (E5 - 022xxx) E5 A5 E5 A5 G5 E5 A5 E5
Bass fill:G|-----------------------D|-----------------------A|-----------------------E|--0--0--0--5--0--5--3--
There is a solo here, it's the same length as the chorus and the same chords. I couldn't figure all of it out. Riff 1 x 4 (Riff 1) On the outside, looking in How you doing, how you been (Riff 2) (Riff 3) (Riff 1) Au naturel, I adore you (Riff 4) Au naturel F#5 (Riff 1) I adore you Fade out with Riff 1
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