See Spot Run – Love Me To Death tab

Song: Love Me To Death
Artist: See Spot Run
Album: Ten Stories High
Transcribed By Bob and P.L.H.( 

   This is a fairly easy song, hell, its simple as hell. by the way,
   its in standard tuning. I watched Randy Bowen play it and its
   I even quizzed him on it. They are wicked live, As well as really
   nice awsome people. 

 Riff for Verses:

Chorus: D Em And if Die, Em G Tomorrow I will rest in peace, Bb Knowing I gave all my loving to you, D Em And if I'm right Em G You are gonna miss me more, Bb Than you've ever missed me... CHORDS: D Em G Bb eI--2-------3------------I BI--3-------3------------I GI--2--1----0---3--------I DI--0--2----0---3--------I AI-----2----2---1--------I EI----------3------------I Thats like the basic play your guitar on the street verson. I don't have the lead tabbed becauseit one dirty piece of work. Maybe some one out there who has the album "Ten Stories High" could work it out. That album is amazing...if ya don't have it get it, you won't be sorry. Later, *~*~*~*~*Pam and BoB tHe SnOb*~*~*~*~*
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