Seether - Pride tab

Song Title:	Pride
Album:	Fragile
Artist:	Seether
Tabbed by:  Miles Teg

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Dropped D Tuning :	D A D G B E 

This song is in ĺ timing, kinda like a waltz. Count it 1-2-3-1-2-3, instead of
1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4.  It starts with a bunch of random pick scrapes, so make them
up as you go along.  Iíve tabbed the basic chords, and ideas, so play them with
the track to get it right.

e |----------------------------------------------| B |----------------------------------------------| G |---------------10----7------------------------| D |--0-1-0-3-0----10----7------------------------| A |--0-1-0-3-0----8-----5------------------------| D |--0-1-0-3-0----8-----5------------------------|
e |----------------------------------------------| B |----------------------------------------------| G |--7--12--10-----------------------------------| D |--7--12--10-----------------------------------| A |--0--10--8------3--3--------------------------| D |--0--10--8------3--3--------------------------|
Break: First Part*
e |----------------------------------------------| B |----------------------------------------------| G |---7/10---10\7----7/10------10/12-------------| D |----------------------------------------------| A |-0-5/8---0-8\5--0-5/8----0---8/10-------------| D |-0-------0------0--------0--------------------|
Break: Second Part
e |----------------------------------------------| B |----------------------------------------------| G |---12/14------14/15-----15/17---19--17--15----| D |----------------------------------------------| A |-0-10/12----0-12/13---0-13/15---17--15--13----| D |-0----------0---------0-----------------------|
e |----------------------------------------------| B |----------------------------------------------| G |----------------------------------------------| D |----7/8-8---------3--5-5/7--------------------| A |-5----------3--5--------------5---------------| D |----------------------------------------------|
Okay, well, i hope you enjoy the tab, and it should be almost completely correct! Miles
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