Selah Rees – Ballad Of A Heart chords

A Ballad of a Heart
Selah Rees

G2sus4                        C2                    D#maj7             
D7Walking down the street, and I hardly know you anymore.
G2sus4 C2 D#maj7 BbSeems to me that you’ve forgotten what you living for.
I stop you on the street and look straight into your green eyes. All I see is on big hole filled with empty lies. What you livin’ for? 2x Why do you hide? 2x Girl, where’s your heart? You seem to have lost it along the way. Girl, where’s your smile? Don’t you know there are better days? There are better options when push comes to shove. Just look into his eyes, can’t you see the love. he loves, he loves you. 2x He can’t hide. 2x
Bb C2 D#maj7 D7Remember when you were young, such an unbroken heart.
D#maj7 C2 D#maj7Remember when you trusted everyone.
D#maj7 D7 C2 D#maj7
D7 C2Memories, they’re all just memories.
What your problem is you forgotten how to feel. You think yourself out of everything, afraid that’s its not real. You use to dream and among the flowers you would dance. But now you’re afraid to take one more chance. Is your heart still beating anymore? 2x Don’t you wanna feel? 2x
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