Selah Sue – Crazy Vibes chords ver. 2

Left handed
Crazy vibes, Selah Sue   Chords: John Muijsers 
Intro:  guitar/keys/hi-hat: Cm Csus4 Cm  G Cm 2x  +bas: Cm Csus4 Cm  G Cm 2x

Cm G CmI was never really into music ,
G CmTill I was about nine years old
G CmBut now I can't control myself from grooving
G CmIt is time for me to show , oh
Cm G It's the day, ooh
Fm G CmI show ya, I'll blow ya
Cm G Behind, ooh
Fm Until the vibe goes crazy
G CmTill the vibe goes crazy
Cm G CmI was always on the run I tell ya
Fm G Cm G CmIt was not an easy road ,but now I'm ready to be enjoyin' fire
Fm G CmThe best things in life are sure oh
'Cause I do know what it’s like, to feel sad all the time But you see wicked vibes, bring the joy in your life Stop + lick:Es C B Bes D Es C Es Chorus 3x:
Cm-Cm G Cm Cm-Cm G Cm Cm It’s oh oe oh oh oe oh oh oh
G Cm FmThe rhytm is magic and it gets me out
G Cm G CmAgain and again and I feel like I'm flying
Fm G /Es/Bes/Fm/Cm/ 2xIt lifts me up, up, again STOP (C D Es)and again and and
Did you know what it can do, do to you Crazy vi-i-ibes ,You must know, what it can do, do to you, Crazy vibes Chorus 2x: …… End of 2e chorus: It's the day, ooh I show ya, I'll throw ya ,behind, ooh Until the vibe goes crazy, STOP vocals only: till the vibe goes crazy
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