Selah – I Surrender All Of Me chords

Intro: D-F#m|G-A|

verse 1;
D A Bm7-A D Holy Father, Love me still
G F#m Em A I have fallen from Your will
D F#m G A A I am broken Hear my humble cry, my cry
D F#m D/A G F#mTake my Life and Make it Yours, Lord
D F#m G Fill me with Your love
Bm A G - E/G#You are all I need
D/A AI surrender all of me ---intro to verse 2--
verse 2: I have wandered for so long Tired and weary on my own In Your arms, I know I'm home, O God, my God (Repeat Chorus) Bridge to key of E chorus - |D-B| (Transpose Chorus in key of E) Ending:
E/BI surrender
BI surrender
E/BI surrender
BAll of me..........
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