Selah – Be Praised tab

Be Praised
Chords: D, C, Am, G

All verses the same chords

Verse 1:
I think about You Lord
and what I really want 
is to become a child,
D                    C
a child of one simple thing
loving my King

Verse 2:
I think about the cross
and what You did for me 
and how I've been redeemed,
redeemed from my life of sin
and the praises begin

Bridge 1:
     Am     C           D
And who is like You my Lord
Am       C          D
Who is like You my Lord

Verse 3:
I think about the light 
they didn't recongize
when You came as a man,
a man of flesh and of bone
denied by Your own

Verse 4:
You came full of grace 
and You came full of truth 
that came to me through You, 
through You enduring such pain
the lamb who was slain

Bridge 2:
     Am          C              D
And what was it like for You my Lord
 Am                         C                       D
King of all Kings You were bloodied and beaten and scorned
 Am                       C                         D
Throne in the shape of a cross and a crown made of thorns
 Am                G
I remember, oh my Savior

Be praised
You who lived Your life sinless
gave Yourself to forgiveness
while You suffered my shame
You who live Your life blameless
rose again overcame death
You who will come again
 D?              Am?
be praised, be praised,
    C?                D? 
be praised, Jesus be praised  

 ** A little unsure about that end part... i know the combinations are of either
Am C D or G.... so hopefully you can figure it out
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