Selena Gomez - Disappear chords

Selena Gomez
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Am - x02210
F -  133211
G -  320003
Em - 022000

Intro: Am-F-G-Am-C-F-G-Am-

Verse 1:
Am I remember the first time
F But it wasn't the last time
GThat you told me that
you'd take me back
EmSo I'm still wondering why
Am It was ever a question
F I should have
learned my lesson
GI keep coming back
Like a heart attack
Emthat's always breaking
F GI can't let you vanish
Fthere's no magic
Emwhen you're gone
Am FYou say you don't
Gneed me You say "there's
Amsomething beneath me"
C F I'm not gonna let you
G Am disappear (disappear)
Am F I don't wanna hear it
G Am I don't wanna believe it
C FI'm not gonna let you
G Am disappear (disappear)
Post Chorus:
Am FOh, oh, oh, oh, oh
G AmOh, oh, oh, oh, oh
C FOh, oh, oh, oh, oh
G Am Disappear
Verse 2:
Am I don't wanna be lonely
F But you were always the only
GOne who cast a spell
And made it feel
EmLike all of this was real
Am Nothing but an illusion
F But I'm not gonna lose you
GSo just do your trick
And make it quick
EmCause I'm pretending
(Repeat Refrain, Chorus and Post chorus) Guitar Solo: Am-F-G-Am-C-F-G-Am- x2 (Repeat Refrain, Post chorus, Chorus) (Repeat Post chorus twice) Outro: Am-F-G-Am-C-F-G-Am- x2
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