Selena Gomez - Spotlight chords version 2

This song was surprisingly easy!! And the chorus is perfectly applicable to the 
macarena, try it. Again, I'm not certain about the lyrics because I only copied them. Much love x

Capo 5 (At least, I think so. According to the YouTube Version I saw)

(For the whole verse, it's Am)
I can tell by the way you feel,
Somethin' ain't goin' your way
Jeans too tight and your hair ain't right,
We all get some of those days
Ohh, throw that mirror away
Ohh, you know it's gonna be okay

FTake it down, shake it out,
F AmOn the floor, you'll get over it,
Am CLet it drop, make it stop, ohh
FWhen you feel like nothing, everybody's something
FYou and your friend, everybody jump in,
Am CLook at us now, everybody shout out, ohh (in the spotlight),
FNo matter what's your outside, get it with your inside
FOpen your eyes, you deserve the spotlight
Am CDon't be from them, everybody's something, ohh
FOoh, (in the spotlight) x2
AOoh, (in the spotlight)
COoh, (in the spotlight)
That's most of it, see if you can work out the rest x
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