Selena Gomez – Hit The Lights chords ver. 4

Selena Gomez
Hit The Lights
When The Sun Goes Down
2011 Hollywood Records
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Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Em     022000
C      x32010
G      320033
D      xx0232
Bm     x24432
D/F#   2x023x
Am     x02210

Verse 1:
EmIt's the boy you never
Ctold I like you
GIt's the girl you
Bmlet get away
EmIt's the one you saw
Cthat day on the train
GBut you freaked out
D/F#and walked away
EmIt's the plane you
Cwanna catch to Vegas
GThings you swear you'll
Bmdo before you die
EmIt's the city of love
Cthat waits for you
GBut you're too damn
D(hold)scared to fly
CHit the lights let the
Bm Emmu sic move you
D GLose yourself
C Ctonight come alive
Bm EmLet the mo ment take you
D G Close control tonight
(Repeat) Verse 2:
EmIt's the time that you
Ctotally screwed up
GStill you're trying get
Bmit out your brain
EmIt's the fight you had
Cwhen you didn't make up
GIt's the past that
D/F#you're dying to change
EmIt's all the money
Cthe you're saving
G BmWhile the good life passes by
EmIt's all the dreams that
Cnever came true
Gcause you're too damn
D(hold)scared to try
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
CIt's a mad mad world
D Emgotta make an escape
CIt's a perfect world
D Emwhen you go all the way
C Hit the lights let
Bm Emthe mu sic move you
D G C Lose yourself tonight
Verse 3:
EmSo let's go go go go
Bm CAll the way
Emyeah let's go go go
Bm CNight and day from the
Emfloor to the rafters
Bm CPeople raise your glasses
Am G D We could dance forever
(Repeat Chorus)
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