Selena Gomez - Hit The Lights chords version 7

Verse 1:
AmIt's the boy you never
Ftold I like you
CIt's the girl you
Glet get away
AmIt's the one you saw
Fthat day on the train
CBut you freaked out
Gand walked away
AmIt's the plane you
Fwanna catch to Vegas
CThings you swear you'll
Gdo before you die
AmIt's the city of love
Fthat waits for you
CBut you're too damn
G(hold)scared to fly
FHit the lights let the
G Ammusic move you
G CLose yourself
F tonight come alive
G AmLet the moment take you
G F lose control tonight
(Repeat) Verse 2:
AmIt's the time that you
Ftotally screwed up
CStill you're trying get
Git out your brain
AmIt's the fight you had
Fwhen you didn't make up
CIt's the past that
Gyou're dying to change
AmIt's all the money
Fthe you're saving
C GWhile the good life passes by
AmIt's all the dreams that
Fnever came true
Ccause you're too damn
G(hold)scared to try
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
FIt's a mad mad world
G Amgotta make an escape
FIt's a perfect world
G Amwhen you go all the way
F Hit the lights let
G Amthe music move you
G C F Lose yourself tonight
Verse 3:
AmSo let's go go go go
G FAll the way
Amyeah let's go go go
G FNight and day from the
Amfloor to the rafters
G FPeople raise your glasses
Am G D We could dance forever
(Repeat chorus)
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