Selena Gomez – Round And Round chords ver. 3

Dm F BbRound and Round (x4)
Dm You see me standing there
Bb C And act like you don’t know me
Dm Bb But last night you were calling me
C Saying you want me
Dm Bb Oh why you always make me feel
C Like I'm the one that’s crazy
Dm Bb You got my heart racing
C My-my heart racing
Dm F Bb Dm Boy, I need you here with me
F Bb Dm We can't go on this way
F Bb Dm I'm falling hard for you
F Bb All I can say
Dm We're going round and round
F BbWe're never gonna stop
Dm Going round and round
F We'll never get where
Bb We are going
Dm Round and round
F Bb Well you’re gonna miss me
Dm F Cause I'm getting dizzy
Bb Going round and round
You try to pull me close And whisper in my ear You always tell me lies I’ve cried out all my tears I push my feelings to the side But then you bring them back B-bring them back Now you got me singing Pre- Chorus Chorus Bridge
Dm Love me or Love me not
F Bb I’m staring at the clock
Dm I pick them flower petals off
F Bb And then I watch them drop
Love me or Love me not Im starring at the clock I take them flower petals off And then I watch them drop Pre- Chorus Chorus
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