Selena – I Could Fall In Love chords

Artist: Selena
Song: I Could Fall In Love
Album: Dreaming Of You

(a bit of touching up on the other chords from this song)
By kttunstallator3
Love this song! Selena is a talented singer, although it’s sad to hear of her
death. But anyway, this song is awesome..I would suggest listening to the original 
covers of this song (like Jennifer Lopez) but no one can replace Selena. She has that 
about her.

{Drum machine}
(then keyboards? Sound effect?)

E, B, C#m, A
E, G#, E

Spanish guitar:E-------------------------------------4-4-4-5-2--0h2p0---5-4-0----|B------5------4-4h5-4-2-----0h2p0------------------------------0--|G-----6-----------------------------------------------------------|D----6------------------------------------------------------------|A---4-------------------------------------------------------------|E--4--------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1:
E C#mI could lose my heart tonight
B F#mIf you turn and walk away
E C#m'Cause the way I feel I might
B F#mLose control and let you stay
A'Cause I could take you in my arms
BAnd never let go
E G# C#m AI could fall in love with you
E G# C#m AI could fall in love with you (baby)
Verse 2:
E C#mI can only wonder how,
B F#mTouching you would make me feel,
E C#mBut if I take that chance right now,
B F#mTomorrow will you want me still,
ASo I should keep this to myself,
BAnd never let you know,
Bridge 1:
F#mAnd I know it’s not right,
BAnd I guess I should try,
E G# C#mTo do what I should do,
A E G# C#m
ABut I fall love, fall in love, with you, (you, baby)
E G# EI could fall in love with you,
Bridge 2: (Spanish)
G#m F#mSiempre estoy soñando en ti,
G#m F#mBesando mis labios, acariciando mi piel
G#m F#mAbrázandome, con ansias locas
G#mImaginando que me amas,
F#mComo yo podria amar a tí,
ASo I should keep this to myself,
BAnd never let you know
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