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SelFbrush - Natural PartFrom album "Three Names" (2006). The way we're playing particular chords:Lyrics (sent just from artist!): D F am C GIve drunk the tea youve made me e|----------------|Although ive found a speck of dirt in it b|-3-----0--------|Of dirt it g|-2--2--2---0----|Cuz i was not sure if the dirt was not D|-0--3--2---2--0-|A natural part of it A|-0--3--0---3--2-| E|----1---------3-|
A natural part of itA natural part of you Small fill played once a two times in verses, betweenSo ive asked you for another tea and again chords D and F:Have found dirt in itdirt in it e|---------|And that assured me that dirt is b|---------|Dirt is a natural part of it g|---------| D|--0-2-0--|A natural part of it A|---------|A natural part of you E|---------|A natural part of itA natural part of me >>> <<<
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