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Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 15:14:28 -0500
Subject: CRD: The Prize by Semisonic

Transcribed by John Chapman (

Any corrections/edits welcome.  Words in brackets mean 
I'm probably wrong.  Check out Semisonic, consisting of 
Dan Wilson and John Munson from Trip Shakespeare, and 
Jake Slichter ("a percussionist").  First full-length 
CD due out in April.  Email to

Intro:	Strumming on D (6 bars or so)-see note below
Verse1:	D
		Night of a thousand verses
		D                                  Am
		One thousand friends said have you heard
		G          D
		What we expected
		We are all working late and
		D                                     Am
		Waiting to win a prize that we dont deserve
		G           D
		And live to collect it

Chorus:	                F#m G
		Cant you see Im weary
		Em         C        D
		Maybe this news can wait
		Night of a thousand verses
		One thousand strivers strain to hear
		The voice thats left us
		Magazines still have to sell us
		Twelve master geniuses a year
		Its all so shameless

Chorus:	Repeat 2x, second time "Worried" not "Weary"
Bridge:	B                 C              G
		Maybe there was a message in it
		(I dont know where you hid it)
		B                 C                   G
		Maybe there was a [P stamp] with it
		(I dont know where to fit it)
		B                    C                 G
		Tell me what kind of prize can you get
		(When you dont want to win it)

Then back to D for a few bars.
Then once through verse and chorus, with no words, and 
with distorted guitar on top.

Then back to bridge exactly as above
Then chorus 2x.

When strumming on D, there is a little riff that is
D/E/F#/F#/G/F# (notes, not chords).  If you're playing 
D in the second fret, you can try to pick it while 
holding the chord, like this:

Try to keep the G and B strings from getting muted so the chord continues to sound. You may find easier places to play up the neck if you're on an electric.
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